Free Mystery snail babies!


In honor of Thanksgiving and my upcoming birthday, I'll be giving away up to 4 mystery snail juvies ABSOLUTELY FREE!!!! I'll cover shipping etc.

To enter, write about snails of course! Your favorite thing about them, a funny or sweet memory or story etc. It could simply be that you think they're cute! You must have 50 posts to enter as per the rules.

I haven't decided what colors to give yet, but if you have a specific preference add it to your post and I'll see what I can do.

Please only enter if you have a suitable tank for them, I WILL be asking if you win. If your tank isn't appropriate I'll do another drawing.

Winner will be decided by random drawing Deadline is next Saturday November 21st 10:00 PM central time, if you're the winner I'll need your address etc by late Sunday night. I'll be shipping the following Monday.

Good luck!!!



I have snails and my favorite are rabbit snails by far they are the coolest snails around! They pull their shell behind themselves like a suitcase lol. All snails are so neat since they move around with their shells at a pretty fast rate .

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Pretty Little Goldie

I once had a snail,
A little golden girl,
Without a tail,
But pretty as a pearl.

She was oh so good,
She could climb the glass wall,
Which I never could,
And never once took a fall.

She loved her kale,
I gave a piece to her each day,
And I did so without fail,
Boy, how that stuff made her go cray-cray!

She was an odd lil’ gal,
But oh how wonderful she was,
Such a sweet lil’ pal,
And I couldn’t help but love her just cuz’.

And I like to hope,
That she loved me too,
So now that she’s gone I won’t mope,
As my Pretty Little Goldie will shine on, never letting me be blue. ~

A poem written about a fictional mystery gold snail named "Goldie". I kinda messed it up in the end, putting a comma in the last sentence like that. Oh, and "cray-cray" means crazy, lol. Me and my "cray-cray" creativity.

If possible, I prefer gold and/or purple, but ivory will work just fine too instead of purple!

Anyways, hope you enjoy!
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And the winner is. ... isacr BornThisWayBettas !!!

I figured since only the two of you entered, we'd just do a double RAOK and you both win!

I'll pm for details



That's awesome! Congrats you two!!! Looking forward to pics when you get them!!!!


I once hated snails,
but since I wanna get them in the mail,
I must hail,
For almighty mythical snail,

I'm joking they are cool,
I was such a fool,
For knowing that they are dirty,
I must need a snail therapy,

They look very slimey,
But I think they are happy,
People be like ew,
But I'm like YAHOW,

Just wanted to share this ridiculous poem haha, ANY WAYS congratulations!


Wow, I wish I had seen this... though I really don't need more mystery snails. I love RAOKs!

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