Free mollies and swordtails in Texas


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I am a member of a yahoo group called giveandreceivefreefish.  I saw this post and wanted to pass it along in case anyone of you could take advantage of this opportunity:

Hello from Texas.  A message board that I frequent suggested that I try
here.  I have a 55 gallon tank that I keep Mollies and Swordtails in. 
The Mollies have started to breed out of control (what do you expect). 

I have many (20+) baby mollies that I desperatly need to get rid of.  I
would prefer to give them to someone who wants them, not a LFS.  They
are silver/black/dalmation mollies, some lyretail, some not, all around
1/2 to 1 1/2 inch in length, and less than 6mo old and unknown sex.

I also have 3 Red Swordtails, around 6mo to a year old all male, that I
need to get rid of.

Like I said, I would prefer to give them to people.  I have not found a
fish store that would accept them yet.  I am in the DFW Metroplex in
Texas.  Please let me know if you need fish.
Send me a pm if you want more information.   

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