***FREE*** mbuna cichlids plus shipping!

  1. Claire Bear

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    cichlid2.jpg 75g hexagon tank.jpg
    Must pay for all costs associated with shipping-ice pack, insulation, actual cost of one day shipping
    Assorted sizes 2 to 4 inches some are hybrids
    -groups of a minimum of three-not sexed and must be shipped this week or the weather will become too warm
    Possible fish:
    Cobalt zebra
    sulphur head Peacocks
    Orange zebra
    Elongatus Jewel spot
    Albino socolofi
    yellow fin mbuna
    clown lab
    German Red Peacock
    and several others may cichlid9.jpg cichlid2.jpg also available

    90gallon with additions.jpg
    African cichlid-red zebra.jpg

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