Free fish should I keep?

  1. joiakimfish Member Member

    So a friend of mind is looking to rehome some of his fish I told him I'd take them if but after I do some research ...


    Currently have 6tiger barbs 5 red eyed tetra (one died) and 1rope fish

    He would be giving me 2 diamond tetras
    2 candi cane tetras and 1 rainbow tetra

    Now I believe all tetras are schooling fish so would they join forces with my current tetras or would I half to get some of each to keep them company are these subclasses compatible is their anything I should know that could cause a problem or be of benefit?
  2. BamBamSorg Well Known Member Member

    I would guess that they will stick to their own kind. I would get maybe 4 more diamonds. 4 more candi cane and 5 more rainbow tetra. They like being in schools and enjoy having company

  3. TexasDomer Fishlore Legend Member

    In a 125 gal, I think you can have 3 mid/top dwelling schooling species without looking too crowded. I'd choose which of the species he has you want to add, and add it. I'd increase all of your schools though, especially the barbs. 10-20 of each would be fine (10-20 tiger barbs, 10-20 red eye tetra, and 10-20 diamond or candy cane or rainbow tetra).

    The other two species you get from him I'd rehome.

    They need more of their own species to feel comfortable - they won't truly school with fish of a different species.
  4. BamBamSorg Well Known Member Member

    Oh boy its a 125 gallon....geez yeah like texas said you can Increase your schools to the 10-20 range. Ive never heard of rainbow nor candy cane tetras

  5. joiakimfish Member Member

    Ok that makes sense I'll probably keep the candy canes and increase all their numbers when possible I can give my sister the other 2 she is cycling her 30g someone here had 24 tbs and it's an amazing sight

    Thanks for the info :)
  6. TexasDomer Fishlore Legend Member

    I wouldn't give her the diamond and rainbow tetras as they'll have the same problem - not being in a large enough group (especially if she has 24 tiger barbs). I'd take the diamond and rainbow tetras back to your LFS or to someone who has room for two schools of fish.
  7. joiakimfish Member Member

    No she doesn't have the barbs someone on fish lore has them ... She doesn't have anything in her tank

  8. TexasDomer Fishlore Legend Member

    Ahh, I misunderstood, thanks!

    Schools of diamond and rainbow tetra would look great in her 30 gal :)
  9. joiakimfish Member Member

    Sounds like a plan