Free 30 Long Tank - Bolivian Ram, Goldfishes, Platys, Swordtail, Snails

  1. babyboyblue Member Member

    EDIT - Everything is being HELD for FishPuns. Only the 2 Goldfishes are available.

    Giving away for free:

    30 Gallon Long Tank with Emperor 280 Filter [free] (below fishes have to be taken by you or somebody first [also free])

    1x Bolivian Ram
    1x Gold - Gold Fish
    1x Black - Gold Fish
    5+ Platys - Various Colors
    4+ Swordtails
    ? Zebra Snails
    ? Smaller Snails
    ? Red Cherry Shrimps that may be surviving somewhere (I see them once in a while)
    ? Various Plants

    I'm in the Cerritos, CA area and will be moving cross country (which is why I need to get rid of them).

  2. Katie13 Fishlore VIP Member

    Where will you be moving to? I would take it in a heartbeat.
  3. babyboyblue Member Member

    Not exactly cross country... moving north to possibly Washington state.

    I'm in Los Angeles county, let me know if you are interested.

    Thank you!
  4. Fishpuns Member Member

    When are you moving? I live in Phoenix, it's a 6 hour drive but we sometimes go to CA anyway and I could take everything except maybe the goldfish
  5. babyboyblue Member Member

    I need it gone by Wednesday July 19th.
  6. Fishpuns Member Member

    That's soon, but I could do a roadtrip this weekend. I really can't take the goldies though, unfortunately. If they find other homes before then let me know. And good luck with your move!
  7. babyboyblue Member Member

    That can work.

    To confirm, you'll take the 30 gallon long, filter, all the other fishes (bolivian ram, swordtails, platys, black kuhli loaches, snails, shrimps.) And whatever plants you would like to take.

    Leaving the 2x goldfishes.
  8. Fishpuns Member Member

    Yes. I have actually been wanting a bolivian ram for ages now. I already have kuhlis and was planning to get more. I have a rcs colony to add to as well. Plants are all wanted, I love plants lol. The swordtails and platies I wasn't seeking, but I already have mollies and definitely have room for them so they are welcome. Snails I would actually rather go without, but if I get them I get them and I'm ok with it
  9. babyboyblue Member Member

    That'll work perfectly. PM your cell and we'll meet this weekend.

    Thank you!

    If anyone was to be 2nd or 3rd just in case, please let me know. Thanks!