FREAKSHOW Texas Cross Convict cichlids living in my community tank

Discussion in 'Convict Cichlid' started by pando, Jan 31, 2006.

  1. pando

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    Has anyone ever heard of this before???????.......i had an already set up tropical community tank with lots of rocks its a 40 gallon tank. getting bored with what i have (silvers sharks) (angels) ) (clown Loaches) (Blue guarami) after seeing my friends Cichlid tank i purchased 2 baby Convict Cross Texas cichlids bc they were cheap and i wanted to see for myself if they can co-exist....they have i now have three 4" Texas cross Convicts in my community tank there is a pecking order among the cichlids but all have they're own territory and occasionally reorder the pecking order but its like the community fish dont exist they dont bother them have never been this rare for these fish to live together?
  2. dahly

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    I am not an expert on Convicts, but from my readings, I believe that the convicts will kill every other fish in the tank, then kill each other until there is just one pair left.  I'm sure someone who is an "expert" will chime in soon.  Good Luck!
  3. Butterfly

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    I'm not an expert either but I have heard the same thing. but I think it's when they spawn or have fry. just my two cents worth ;)
  4. Jason

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    That does not sound good. But hopefully yours will not be like that
  5. OP

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    so basically there is no way they can co-exist ever? even tho they have been surrounded by them since they were very tiny? i havent had an aquarium for a very long time im just very naive that i can try and change they're nature and living in a false pretence that if you train a lion or any other wild animal you could probably do the same with a cichlid. just trying to get the best of both worlds......just wanted to see if anyone out there has successfully done what i have done so far and havent run into major problems. any info would be greatly appreciated
  6. Butterfly

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    You could always try it and if they get really aggressive and you see damage move the other fish. Just watch them really close as they get bigger and older.