Foxface Angelfish question


Hey guys, my brother bought a foxface angelfish today, and about an hour after we put him in the tank he started just floating around slowly, turning different colors, and laying in one place for large amounts of time... I saw someone's post that said his angelfish acted the same, then turned out to be alright... So I guess I'm just looking for confirmation that the fish isn't dieing... Thanks

P.S. we know it isn't the salt level or anything like that because we have a yellow tang, 2 clownfish, 2 yellowtail damsels 2 fourstripe damsels, and I believe 2 talbot damsels.. and theyre all acting fine




do u mean a foxface rabbit fish. b/c I have on and they tend to change colors to there mood. but mine doesn't float around and lay down for long peridos of time. try feeding it or give it time to adjust to the tank
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Yeah those are common names for two separate species. Kojicoky - you still with us?

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