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Hey guys

So I found 2 fish fry in my 29g. I have a variety of fish in there, some tetras, platys and guppies.
The tetras and guppies are in a school. My guppies are all females. I do see a bunch of the guppies with a big black mark taking up most of the rear on their belly. I also have a platy that has black on the rear of its belly.

The reason I’m posting this is because today my female platy(with the black mark) went from a transparent whitish/grey and now has sharp blue streaks running across its side. The only male platy in the tank is a blue lantern platy (if I think that’s the correct name) so I wanted to know if it’s possible that she changed colors because she’s pregnant with his babies and in fact did give birth? Or might it be one of the guppies that gave birth? Babies are clear and impossible to tell.
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