found a responsible petco


I recently went petco just to see what they had, I was already on my way to another lfs for a coral. I walked in to find a large saltwater fish section. Much larger than any petcos ive been to. It had its own tank dedicated to corals and a few reef fish. The other tanks for saltwater were responsibly stocked. I walked up to the fish salesman there to find he was a reefer himself!. He would drip acclimate everything in the store, from tangs to snails. I found a kenya tree coral amongst the other corals and it looked really good. I asked him the price because I couldn't find it, and he asked me if I previously cycled my tank and what my ammonia, nitrite and nitrate levels were. He said he really would hesitate selling if they weren't good. My levels were good and after seeinf how much he actually cares about the live stock I decided to buy it. He definitely is responsible and wants the customers tank to thrive and be successful. I was 100% impressed with their fish department at that local petco.


That's awesome, gotta love when the fish keepers actually take over the fish section in the pet stores.

As for my local Petsmart, I think they actually started taking some suggestions from the employees, because they now have a stock of BN plecos for the smaller tank


That's cool you found that store!

The Petco stores near me are weird. Most of them have dingy smelly fish depts with nasty tanks. The one on the other side of town has an excellent fish dept which looks to be the centerpiece of the store. It's the largest dept with lots to choose from and great display tanks.


I wish my petco was like that I would see dead fish n some f the tanks they have Of curse I was get a eye candy for the betta's and kittys!


Yeah, with those big pet companies you just have to be lucky, some of the aquatic departments are really nice and some are the opposite.


I'm so glad you had the nice find of the coral, plus a knowledgeable fish department to hopefully end up with healthy fish and corals. Congratulations!!! you must have found one of the rare ones! Hopefully that guy will stay with the company and educate others out there.


That's awesome! My local petsmart has great employees for the most part in the fish section that are actually knowledgeable, I even talked to one about he kulilI loathes in with the snails, and he said corporate days where he fish go, and he's wrote to them many times about it. I love it when the staff if knowledgeable !

On the other side, my local pet supplies plus is terrible. The person was incredibly rude to me an tried selling a gourami to a woman with a community tank, and some chiclids...

They had overstocked Saltwater tanks and even a almost dead (it was inside down) lion fish, and a lot of dead Saltwater fish.

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