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Hello so two days ago I did my first water change after moving my 55 planted tank and going through the cycle again. Luckily no fish just a ton of pond snails and a single assassin snail.

Also went through a plant melt right after moving so this is not that. Move was about a month ago.

So the problem is that my plants which were growing nicely sprouting new leaves and stems have suddenly started to melt once again. Nothing water quality wise was off after I did the water change besides some ammo which I thought nothing of because I was still dosing ammo to 2-4 every day to keep cycle.

Ammo 0 before 4 after
Nitrites 0ppm
nitrates 80+ before 20 after
ph 7.2
temp 79

Also the assassin snail died which I’m guessing was due to old age. He was right around 4-5 yrs old.

Btw added prime the next morning.

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