Forced To Do Multiple Fish In Cycle Need Advice

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    Targetpractice2 New Member Member

    Hi all,

    I was given as a present 4 guppies (fantastic little fish) in a small goldfish bowl (as the previous occupant from a fair died) .. So I decided to buy them an 80 Litre tank (used) the chap I purchased off also had some mollies and a goldfish in the same tank which was in a pitiful condition (green algae / water was nearly black) .. I moved the goldfish to its own bowl as it obviously should not be in but will purchase larger when cash allows. One of the mollies was basically on her back by the time I got home so it ended up being an emergency tank clean and water.

    I understand the cycle process which is very important but on this occasion with the no. of fish that needed to be looked after and on the verge of dying, the tank has ended up with more fish in it than you would normally do for a fish in cycle.

    So ... I added Fluval biological additive to speed up the cycle process (my thinking was to try and do this quickly due to the ammonia that would probably take hold with the no. of fish).

    Tap safe additive.

    Daily partial water changes.

    Feeding once a day.

    Added plants and small group of shrimp.

    I have done this for 3 weeks now, my ph level is fairly stable around 7.5 also with very hard water.

    My nitrite level has been around 0 to .5 and today has increased to 1 which is not good

    My nitrate level has been 0 but today reads 20ppm so is rising which I guess is a good thing..

    So my question is this...I should expect a spike in Nitrate and I assume a drop off in nitrite is this correct? Is this the tank beginning to cycle properly?

    Should I begin to stop daily 10% changes and shift to every other day with 20% then once a week with 25%?

    Is there anything else I should be doing at this stage?

    As for the fish ... my female molly is alive and well and she is a bit of a bully but seems to be in great health and eating well .. the guppies are fantastic little fish .. and the shrimp.. never see them so no idea if they are still alive!

    much appreciate any advice..
  2. kuhlkid

    kuhlkid Valued Member Member

    It sounds like your cycle is getting off the ground! But those nitrites will still be highly toxic to your fish, I wouldn't back off daily water changes until they're at zero. Your BB don't live in the water, they're in your filter media, so just don't wash that. But keep adding fresh water to dilute the toxins for your fish!
    Do you have Seachem Prime? It's a dechlorinator that also helps detoxify nitrites and ammonia in your tank, without disrupting your BB.
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    Targetpractice2 New Member Member

    Thanks Kuhlkid, I have a water conditioner which I am adding on water changes/top ups which removes chlorine /metals and treats fish scales etc. As you say keep up with the water changes is probably good idea daily until I guess nitrites are near enough 0 .