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Did anyone catch the Oprah show today? It was about the problem with Puppy mills in the USA.....I'm in tears right now and had to share a video of my very spoiled crying/singing Chihuahuas.....I can only pray the puppy mill problem will end soon...

Sorry, I know it's not about fish but I just had to share....
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They are darling!!!! Thanks for sharing Yes we seem to share more than fish around here, that's one of the reasons I love it here
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My friend was watching it. She said why don't you watch...No way, I can't handle those kinds of shows.
Cute dogs.
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I'm like you Allie, my heart can't bear it.
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Shows like that break my heart ...thanks for sharing the adorable video of the little critters that you love...they are so cute!!
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That is so sad that they even exist with all the strays running around we should never have anything like that! I cannot belive people buy from them they should boycott puppy mills!
I remember when my mother and I bred minI pins, we did 1 litter at a time and this was when I was about 15 and each puppy (only about 4 in a litter) was like our own little baby we even cried when we sold them, we would only sale them to people we knew... then after 3 litters mom had the mother spayed and gave her to a friend, kept a female had her spayed and actually kept her until my oldest son was born. She got snippy w/ him and so mom had to get rid of her scared she would bite him.

I belive in spaying animals, and being responsible w/ them. Boycotting puppy mills.... this is awlful!

Something else that bothers me (sorry off puppy mill sub) we live out in the country and people will drive out to our area and "dump" animals off thinking its the "right" thing to do, so there are cats and dogs running the cow feild all the time with kittens, and puppies.. our yellow lab joe is our only "pet" outside.... I have been so scared of the diseases these animals will bring into him....

That in itself is why they don't need to mass breed dogs and cats, people should adopt pets, and rescue pets from pet rescues. Joe was a pup that someone dropped off right after christmas, I can imagine he was a pup under some kids tree w/ a big red bow that daddy or mommy said NO! to and dumped him off... he luckily found our steps.... now my children have just took him as their own...
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the problem is... puppy mills will never completely go away. along with kitten mills, reptile mills, u name it and its there. most animals sold actually do come from a mill of some sort. it can be under a different name tho such as a beneficial breeding facility as some places call themselves. fish themselves are milled.. think about that for a minute.

the attraction to baby animals is why these said mills will never go away. I cry at the thought myself but it has to be understood that if someone wants a puppy and not a dog then that's what they are going to get. as most petshops lie about where the puppies actually come from, people don't realize that they are helping towards the continuing of these places.

Petland is a perfect example of a lying petstore. one of my friends had received a puppy from her boyfriend that was bought at Petland. her mom was curious of where the puppy really came from. when the store would not tell her exactly other than being from a great breeder, she hired a private investigator. with months of hard work the answer came flying out... her new puppy came from a puppy mill from one of the surrounding states.

these animals not only have to be forced to breed constantly for years but live in tiny cages over packed with other animals where aggression can result in death of an animal. these cages are normally either wire bottomed where strain is put on the animal's feet at all times or fecal matter ridden arenas where insects and parasites take over. some times siblings are forced to breed with one another, along with parents and their children breeding. disease runs through mills like a wild fire, resulting in thousands of deaths. the list goes on...

type in learn more about the problem to help with the fight against it. peta and peta2 also have great information about animal cruelity. get involved. no need to just cry... help. boycott circuses while ure at it.. google to find out more
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get involved. no need to just cry... help. boycott circuses while ure at it.. google to find out more

I do what I can, I donate, I take in strays, I've always know exactly what homes my dogs came from.

I'm an adult and know full well what puppy mills are like, I just don't need those visuals playing over and over in my head.
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I will never buy a terrestrial animal. There are adoption agencies for nearly everything. Fish are more difficult because people have less problems with doing something like flushing them if they don't want 'em.

I have adopted three cats (two directly from being stray, another from an agency), and taken another one in and turned her over to an adoption agency. Two of these cats were pregnant (and only around 6 mo at the time), and all of their kittens were spayed/neutered and adopted out.
The point I am trying to make there is not how great of a person I am, but rather, I made no effort to find these cats. People let their cats have kittens and then just dump any unwanted kittens outside when they can't support them anymore. Then it's their neighbors' problem. In addition to puppy mills and kitty mills, you've just got irresponsible owners who breed their pets (either accidentally or on purpose) without any concern for the consequences.
Please, go out and support a spaying program, or an organization against animal cruelty (personally, I won't support PETA, as they use terroristic actions, such as assaulting people wearing fur, and have been known to release hundreds of farm raised animals into a wild that is not their native home and that they are not ready to live in). Talk to your city and state governments about the laws regarding pets. In some cities, cats aren't owned unless they are in the house. This means that a person is not responsible for anything their pet does outside. It also means that, if an indoor cat gets out, neighbors can do anything they want, including relocate or even killing (as long as it's done humanely) the cat.
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I just love all the posts on this subject...This is one way we can all work together to end the brutal killing and abuse of these innocent victims..Believe me, it was HARD to watch but I felt I owed it to the doggies who have no voice....
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Where I live there is a local university where they will offer cheap or free spay/neutering every so often... that is what everywhere needs ... and people actually needs to get off their butts and capture the animals they can and get them to these places and get them taken care of. How hard is it to get them spayed/neutered if someone is offering to do it for free? I think when its for money its like 10 dollars and that's just the price for the rabies vaccination.
But of coarse you do have your people who do want your specialty breeds, just like we want our african cichlids and bettas, etc... it should be all about responsibility. My cat was from an ad in the newspaper "free kitten" I'm glad I got the poor thing... she had feline lice... which I had never even heard of in my life what a pain in the but to treat, looks like human lice but humans cannot catch it. It cost around 50 dollars to treat her for it. the owners were not taking good care of her... now she is one happy fat spayed cat who lays in a rocking chair in front of our fish tanks all day and plays w/ mouse toys for a past time....
All of the best pets I have ever had cat/dog wise were mixed breeds like my jinxy cat...
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I live in pennsylvainia. Right down the road is a amish man who breeds pugs in little rabbit cages (Which by the way are to small for even the smallest rabbits to live in). It makes me sick to see all those little puppys locked up. We have called the police about it a number of times but every time they say they will look at it, but then it gets blown off.

I have 2 dogs now, and have owned and housed numerous dogs, all were strays or puppies of strays. right now of the two dogs we have, one is from the spca and the other is the son of a dog that stayed at our house over the summer one year. She was a drop off, people see a big farm and they think that it is fine to just drop them off in a field and they will live and be happy. We called her Lucky, because she came to our farm. She stayed for about a month, had puppies and then once the puppies were weaned, she ran away. my dad says that she probably tried to go back to her home. (People don't realize that eather, many dogs acctively search for their owner. Many strays die attempting to get back home.) She had 2 puppies, one is our dog Peeper and the other is my coisens dog Milo.
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that kills me that people will take an animal out like that and "dump" it.... but I know they do... we wouldn't have ended up w/ "joe" our lab... not to mention my mil's cats that she has....
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Ive got 1 we rescued as a pup and 1 we bought from a responsible breeder. I did think about breeding her(my purebred shepard) but n the end we decided we couldnt do it responsibly and even if we could what do we do with the pups? Police or S&R would have been a possible option but I did not have the time or money to train her in all the necessary certications so no breeding and I paid to have my daughetrs dog fixed since her bf doesn't believe in it(he's a story for another day).
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Yea, I don't know how people can have such an empty heart that they leave little puppies by the side of a busy road to get run over. Our friend found a dehydrated puppy barely able to stand by a pretty busy road that people tend to do about 60 on. Turtles like to cross that road too.. more than once we've had to rescue one of the little guys - they need to stop playing frogger.
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I agree, BettaCouple, that it's sad. My mom once brought a cat home that had been dumped at the side of the road. She hadn't even been allowed to be weaned properly. She had at least two weeks before the minimum safe weaning time, and was very much affected by it (one of the stupidest, clumsiest cats I've ever met, and she had bone issues in addition). I've seen desert tortoises abandoned around here (no real deserts in MN), too.
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Ive seen dogs dumped on LA freeway's running acrross the bridges with little 2 foot medians while traffic is flying by at 65-70MPH.
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Sadly where there are human beings there will be cruelty to animals of all kinds.

WE all have the true best interests of ALL animals very close to our hearts and will keep fighting for their welfare in our own's all we can do!!! I have cried my eyes out over animals I could not rescue ( there comes a point when you have to realise your current pet mob will be neglected if you bring home more!) So long as we try to help!!!
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That's the sad statement on our selfish culture. Just dump whatever isn't convienient or wanted. Can't be bothered.
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the taking the animals out and dumping them is how my mil and I have gotten our last outside pets... unfortuanatlly there are a ton of animals dumped out where we live though, we can't keep all of them... we live out in the country..... I have a yellow lab she has some cats.... my indoor cat was a come and get it before it goes to the shelter deal...
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I can't watch such things, but we all know about the unwanted pet population. That's why I have 3 1/2 cats. (1/2 a cat is a cat that isn't really mine, but considers my home his, sort of a squatter, and I did catch & have him neutered when he was young, but being born almost wild he hasn't fully socialized to people although at times this one does allow a scratch on the head.) And a friend's rottweiler, and my refugee cichlid. The cats are all in their mid-teens, and the dog at least 11 yrs old. My "census" is down, as others have passed on over the years. At one time I had 4 huge dogs and more cats. All came as unwanted and/or abandoned, some young, some as senior citizens. Just before I read this thread I posted in the Breeding forum: "Why breed?" Now let me stop preaching to the choir!

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