For sale complete planted 55 gal with fish IA

  1. krack499 Well Known Member Member

    As much as I love my fish I've gotten busy and am never home so I don't have the time for them any more so I'm looking to see if someone here will care for them like I have its a 55 gallon with stand hood lights hob filter plants rock driftwood food ect everything you'll need I've got 1 electric blue Jack Dempsey 1dwarf gourami 1 cockatoo cichlid 2 mollies 2 platies 2 clown loaches 8 harlequin rasbora 7 rummynose tetra 12 false julii coryies and 1 bn pleco I've never had any diseases in the tank no die offs or other issues it's been running for over a year I'm asking $300 obo message me on here with any questions I'd love to see someone here take them so I can see them still
  2. krack499 Well Known Member Member