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It seems like I've been getting several of the below questions from peeps trying to get signed up but having issues. Below are some resolutions to the most common issues.

Didn't get an activation email?
Check the spam or deleted items folder in your email account. Sometimes the activation email will get caught since it's pretty much the same email that every other vb forum sends and it may trigger a false positive in the spam filter. Go here to get another validation email sent:

Trouble registering - the system is identifying you as a spammer?
We use IP and email primarily to identify spammers at the registration stage. Check your IP and email against the following site's databases:

If you find your email or IP address in any of the above site's database, you won't be able to register here until you get it cleared up with those sites.

If you're browsing the web through a free proxy server, it usually (not always, but usually) means you are up to no good or trying to hide something and the system may deny your registration.

Can't post after signing up?
You have to validate your email before you can make a thread or reply to one. See first question above.

After registering and validating your email you made a post but it didn't show up on the forum?
Your post or thread may have been caught in the approval queue. Whenever a new member makes a new post or thread the system scans it for certain "things" and if it flags your post or thread a moderator has to approve it before it goes live on the forum. This is only for brand new members and eventually your posts and threads will not be scanned prior to being posted. Another safety check against spammers.

The above checks are put in place to protect our community from having to deal with the spam. The moderators do an awesome job daily dealing with spammers of one kind or another. Spam is very serious issue on the net and we will do anything we can to protect our members, including the aforementioned checks.

If the above items don't solve your problem you can always use the Contact Us link at the bottom of the page to send in any other issues.


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