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Discussion in 'Rainbowfish' started by Triggerman, Mar 18, 2019.

  1. Triggerman

    TriggermanValued MemberMember

    Hi I was just wondering I have a boesemani rainbow about an inch and a half long and he will not get along in any of my community tanks are these fish that aggressive or did I just get a boisterous one
  2. nikm128

    nikm128Fishlore VIPMember

    They can be a little finicky, but you most likely just got a "boisterous one"
  3. SteveBr

    SteveBrNew MemberMember

    I have a similar issue. I had 2M + 2F Bosemani rainbows, noticed the big male was chasing the smaller male constantly. I re-homed a pair of the rainbows, keeping the aggressor (the biggest and purdiest, though maybe that was a mistake). I then added a pair of turquoise rainbows (1M/1F). Now the boisterous male Bosemani chases both the turquoise. My question is, with a boisterous male Bosemani like this, would adding a second female calm him down?
  4. OP

    TriggermanValued MemberMember

    Nope it's in their nature better to rehome him
  5. Adam Pacio

    Adam PacioNew MemberMember

    Pairs can work, but the prevailing wisdom is to keep more females than males in the school. What else are in the tanks, and how much room is there for them to work with? Sometimes higher densities of fish cause the 'boisterous' ones to chill out because there's a full school around (6 seems to be the magic number for many shoaling fish). If the tank is large enough and you don't want to rehome him, try adding more females and putting the other male back in the group. 2 males, 4 females might work well. Mixing species of Rainbows has mixed results when keeping each species lower than the '6' group.

    Or, it's just boisterous. Knowing more about the tank size (4' length is minimum for Boesemani as they grow) and the stock list for the other fish in there will help. Plants help mimic natural environment as well. But if you have fewer than the 'schooling behavior' trigger and a small tank, Mr. Rowdy might just be flipping out and targeting his natural rivals.

    Good luck and post your solution and results!
  6. SteveBr

    SteveBrNew MemberMember

    Quick update: I rehomed my turquoise pair and added two more Boesemani males plus three females (total 3M, 4F) to my planted 55G. All is well now - Boisterous Male has mellowed out. So it looks like having a critical mass of the same rainbow species definitely can have a big impact. Others have of course known this forever; I apparently like to learn the hard way :)
  7. nikm128

    nikm128Fishlore VIPMember

    Interesting, I have a mixed group of rainbows now and they seem more active and better looking as opposed to when I had just bosemani's.
  8. SeanyBaggs123

    SeanyBaggs123Well Known MemberMember

    Yup, I've always kept at least 5 (60 gallon tank). The only time I had an issue is when the 2nd male came of age to breed. They fought over females for maybe a week. Everything is back to normal now.