Food For Ghost Shrimp


I am getting 3 ghost shrimp tomorrow. I'm newish with these. I have a 5 gallon tank with a betta. (I can have 3 shrimp and a betta in 5 gallons, right?) I feed my Betta and he eats up every ounce of food very quickly so there isn't any extra for the shrimp to eat. My tank stays very clean. Not much to eat there either. I used to feed my old ghost shrimp API Bottom Feeder Shrimp Food. They really loved that. I had two and fed them like 2 balls every other day. What is the best fits for them? How much should I feed 3 shrimp? Thanks!


Best fit would be to drop the food in after the lights in the tank and the room are off so the betta can’t see it. I would say 1 shrimp pellet for the 3 of them each day is good. Or you could drop 3-4 little betta pellets in.

Yes that is fine for a 5.5, just know your betta May see them as prey.


If the tank is planted they will also forage on any decaying plant matter and any algae and biofilm that is present.

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