Food aggression


my oranda has been chasing my black moor and pushing him away from the floor when eating from it. i have a tank divider, a container, a fish net, ive tried putting him in the container while feeding, ive tried putting the tank divider in while feeding, but when they go back together there is more chasing until they realize there is no food. it makes me worried to leave the house knowing my fish could be bullying the other. how can i solve this?


I would say that there really isn't away. You've already tried separation during feeding time so I wouldn't be to sure. Really the only thing you could do is separate them and put them in different tanks from each other, or give one of them away to your lfs or sell online. I know goldfish are very personable and much like little water puppies so it must be hard, but that may be the only choice.
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I'd like to know too. My blue marble angelfish becomes a brute at feeding times. All my fish get their share but once the majority is gone he starts his ways. Only tank mate he won't barge out of the way is my BN pleco.
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