Foam Under Rimmed Tank?

Discussion in 'Freshwater Beginners' started by cl1015, Jun 14, 2018.

  1. cl1015New MemberMember

    In my previous thread I said I was going to set up my new tank on the particle board stand that I already had, but I got too paranoid and ordered a steel tank anyway (lol). I love the way it looks and it has a powder-coat finish, which saves me the trouble of waterproofing it, but the top edges aren’t flush with the rim at all. I’ve read plenty of opinions on whether or not foam is good to use on a rimmed tank—some say it can’t hurt, others say it’ll just add to the pressure points. I’ve also heard that a rimmed tank only needs to be supported at the four corners only, not the whole perimeter, and others have said that this isn’t true. If I go to buy foam, is there a specific foam, type and thickness, I should look for? Should I only put the foam on the perimeter in that case or cover the entire bottom? Thanks in advance for the help!

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  2. finnipper59Well Known MemberMember

    If the tank bottom edges are completely supported by the stand edges all around, you dont need anything. Otherwise, boards cut to just 1/2 inch bigger than the size of the tank will give you better even support and you can paint them black to match. 1/2 boards will do foam.

  3. cl1015New MemberMember

    The end frames of the stand support my tank completely, but it’s the center frames/long frames that are giving me trouble. There’s an obvious height difference so the center frames can’t touch my tank at all. Should I get a plywood board to put on the entire top of the stand then? I just worry about the wood bending to fit the shape of the top below it, thought foam would fill in the gaps better.
  4. finnipper59Well Known MemberMember

    Not plywood. 1/2 inch boards. They come in widths of 8, 10, and 12 inches. They won't bend and give you a strong level support. If anything is going to bend, it's going to be foam.
  5. cl1015New MemberMember

    Sounds practical enough! What’s the material of the board though, and could I buy it at a place like Lowe’s or Home Depot?
  6. finnipper59Well Known MemberMember

    The boards are pine like people use for shelving and flooring. I can't remember the shortest lengths they sell, but you could get by with just 1 6-foot board that is 12 inches wide.
    Oh...yes you can get it at home depot or Lowe's.
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  7. cl1015New MemberMember

    The closest width for pine board they had at Lowe’s was 11.8 inches and the width of my tank and stand is a bit closer to 13, may have to look around town for a larger size haha. Out of curiosity is there any reason you advise against using plywood for this?
  8. finnipper59Well Known MemberMember

    Usually because of plywood flexibility. But if you go with 1 inch plywood or least 3/4 inch, I guess that would be fine.
  9. BettaFishKeeper4302Well Known MemberMember

    Hey, i did not trust the stand as much either. But if you think about it. This is what i told myself. They would not sell it if it could not hold the tank up. I have the same stand and so far its doing great. Especially for the price. Also the stand was obviously tested befire being put in stores. Just trust what i'm saying and you'll be fine. I promise.
  10. cl1015New MemberMember

    That’s true, but does your tank also have the gaps in the center? How long has it been set up? I’d love to trust you bc that saves me stress and energy, but I like to think I’m justified in my anxiety lol

    Thanks for the advice guys! I bought a 3/4 in plywood (thoght it was 1 in even but oh well) and spraypainted it so it would match the rest of the tank, but there’s still a gap between the rim and the base... the problem might be a combo of both the tank and the stand? I don’t have enough confidence to try and make the top of the wood completely flat (since it did end up thinner than I thought it would), so I’ll probably be putting the tank together as is. I know some other college kids have had success with cinder block stands despite how terrifying it looks being held up, hoping their luck will pass over to me.

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  11. BettaFishKeeper4302Well Known MemberMember

    Yes it has the gaps. Probably about a month. I felt the same way. I was so worried my tank was just gonna fall through the stand. But everything is fine. Definitley recommend it. Just assemble it correctly and all is fine.
  12. cl1015New MemberMember

    Alright I’ll take your word for it! Not like my wood would help very much at this point anyway haha. Thanks for the reassurance

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