Foam Bubbles On Top Of Water

  1. Rickyw1990 Initiate Member

    I have a 55 gallon freshwater tank set up with a couple miscellaneous fish in it. It came with a top fin 75 filter and I decided to add another filter to the other side of the tank. I also added a couple new plants to the tank at the same time. A couple hours after setup I noticed small bubbles accumulating on the surface of the water. The bubbles were small and difficult to pop so I scooped them up with a net. Any ideas why these bubbles would start now that there's better filtration than before?
  2. Retro Initiate Member

    Bubbles will form if you have alot of aeration i.e. bubblers and little surface agitation. Or if you have washed your hands with soap recently and then put your hands back into the water, as even a tiny bit of soap will cause foam to form. If this is possible, remove fish asap to a temporary tank and drain/refill it. A little bit of soap will kill a tank, ive made that mistake when i began fishkeeping and know all to well. Could be other reasons but these are most plausible.
  3. Lance0414 Well Known Member Member

    What all are the fish as some fish(like Bettas and Gouramis) breed by making bubble nest and then putting the eggs in the nest.
  4. jl_1005 Member Member

    Are you able to post a photo?
  5. Rickyw1990 Initiate Member

    I don't have any current photos yet. I have 2 angel fish, 2 Madagascar rainbows, 10 tetras, 3 clown loaches, couple plecos, and an albino rainbow shark.
  6. Lance0414 Well Known Member Member

    You have some stocking issues if you want to discuss them.
  7. Rickyw1990 Initiate Member

    It's the rainbow shark huh? Lol
  8. clk89 Fishlore VIP Member

    I'm not sure about the shark but the clown loaches will get way too big for this tank. What kind of pleco do you have?

    Now about the bubbles, if plants are damaged they can also produce tiny bubbles at the damaged part. Healthy plants can do something called pearling, which is when they give off lots of small bubbles too. Where the bubbles jelly like at all? Perhaps you got some hitchhiker snails on your new plants which laid eggs, bladder/pond snails lay small jelly bubble like eggs.
  9. Rickyw1990 Initiate Member

    Yeah I found out about the loaches weeks after I had got them. Theres a local fish store that says they will take them when they get bigger. I have a regular pleco(I know it'll get pretty big as well) and a baby bristlenose.

    I'm not sure about the bubbles being jelly like. Since I scooped out the bubbles they haven't returned. So they could have been eggs and I got rid of them.


    There's a picture of the plants I have
  10. Lance0414 Well Known Member Member

    The stock looks good except for the loaches and that the Rainbows need a school of 6+. All of your fish are egg layers and the eggs are laid either on the ground or glass, i would say they were either soap foam or from the water movement.
  11. Rickyw1990 Initiate Member

    I need more money before I can get the rainbows :( I do want more though! I usually make sure to get all the soap off my hands and condition my hands before sticking them in the tank like that. Thanks for the help guys and girls
  12. kuhlkid Member Member

    Just to totally clarify this, because it made me double-take: the Madagascar rainbows need higher numbers. The rainbow shark should be the one and only :)
  13. Rickyw1990 Initiate Member

    Yes that's what I meant haha.
  14. wapooshe Member Member

    bubbles in my experience have never been bad. It will go away soon enough.