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I am taking down my Freshwater aquarium and making a saltwater FO aquarium that I may eventually turn into a reef. I want to stock it with perhaps something different that the average collection of clownfish, damsels and gobies. I was thinking maybe a dwarf lion or pufferfish. However, I also like the smaller fish and inverts. Any way I can have a mix of both? (I know having a lionfish means no small fish/inverts) Is there a species that is bigger and more interesting that I can keep with smaller fish in a 29g? Is there a unique stocking option that is also easy to keep and inexpensive? Any help would be appreciated.

Species I know about:
Fuzzy Dwarf Lion
Zebra Dwarf Lion
Blue Spotted Puffer
Saddle ValentinI Puffer
Any other suggestions would be appreciated!


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Armaan Hirani

The dwarf lionfish would be ok in a 29 but not forever. Puffers have a huge bioload for their size so keep that in mind. Lawnmower blennies are pretty cool looking and they would be ok in a tank of that size. Maroon clownfish are bigger more aggressive versions of your run of the mill ocellaris clownfish they're pretty cool looking.


BanggaI cardinals can get a nice size but don’t need a lot of swimming space since they do a lot of hovering. A pair would be nice. I love my lawnmower blenny but he does a lot of perching or hiding. He’s not super active but is pretty interesting when he does dart around the tank.

Compared to the freshwater world, there aren’t any cheap sw fish! Lol

There are also other types of clowns. There are your designer clowns that have the unique coloration and patterns ... skunk clowns that have the different body shape and the stripe down their head/back ... just don’t mix types.

I don’t know anything about puffers or lion fish though. Sorry.

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