Fluval Lighting Recommendations 100 Gallon Tank

  1. handsome

    handsome Valued Member Member

    hi everyone
    just had a 100 gallon clear for life acrylic tank delivered
    blue back
    black sand
    came with what look to be two plastic light boxes, i'm guessing i have to purchase a fixture and install inside the plastic boxes, they measure inside diameter 24 3/4" across, 8 1/2" deep, 2" high
    setting up a freshwater tank with live plants
    I'd like to use Fluval lighting, can anyone point me in the right direction?
  2. OP

    handsome Valued Member Member

    Fluval A3992 Aqua Fresh & Plant 2.0 LED, 48-60
  3. C

    CrazyPeekles New Member Member

    I have a 60inch tank too and am wondering about led options. How is the 48inch light working for your 60in tank? I am thinking about getting two 30in led strips.
  4. OP

    handsome Valued Member Member

    i ordered 2, they will be delivered tuesday, i’ll take pics