Fluval CO2 88g Kit

Discussion in 'Plant CO2' started by LadyRach, Jul 19, 2015.

  1. LadyRach

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    I purchased this yesterday at my LFS, just to give my tank a little boost in the CO2 department. When I got home, I set it up, followed the directions step by step and I have some issues.
    1) The PSI for the CO cartridge was not at 100% when it was punctured by the regulator. It was halfway.
    2) I could not for the life of me get any CO2 to come out of the diffuser. Even if I blasted the CO2, the bubble counter would erupt and water would leak out of the counter. Only once did I start to get bubbles out of the diffuser, but the bubble counter was leaking profusely and that's no way to get the job done.

    I called my LFS and their first questions was if I was doing it correctly. First, I understand they need to ask that question, but I've been doing this longer than the 18yo kid who answered the phone (who also when I brought my water parameters in for a sanity check, did the first part of the nitrate check and said my water was fine). They said because I opened it, they could only give me store credit. Uh, how else did I realize it wasn't working??

    Does anyone have any thoughts on if they've experienced anything similar or what I should do? This was an investment I had thought about for awhile now, and I'm wishing I never got it.
  2. matsungit

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    Water leaking from the bubble counter? You mean leaking to the floor or carpet? If so, the gasket or o-ring may be missing. If you say "leaking" meaning water from the bubble counter is travelling in the hose towards the diffuser then you have hooked up the bubble counter in reverse. The long black tube inside the counter should be on the canister side not the diffuser side. The fact that you have a half full tank dictates that you got a bad canister but this is a bit hard to prove to the seller. Also, make sure that you have not installed the check valve in reverse.
  3. OP

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    Yes, water leaking from the bubble counter onto the floor. I only have a single colored tube, but I am very positive it is set up correctly. I can set the bubble counter to 1-2/4 secs as described in the directions, but the diffuser never bubbles.
  4. matsungit

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    Check for cracks and maybe the gasket is missing too. Also, maybe the diffuser is clogged or faulty. Remove it temporarily and see if the system works. If so you may need to buy another diffuser or upgrade to a reactor.
  5. Srrman

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    I have one of those Fluval 88 that I have used for almost a year. When I first got it I liked it very much . Opening the pressure too much will cause leaks or even pop off the tubing from the diffuser. I never had a problem with co2 coming out of the diffuser though. Are you using the diffuser that came with the kit? The plastic bubble counter sleeves that tightened the tubing down on the top began to disintegrate and leek. The 88 gram cylinders never registered more than about a thousand on the gauge. I have bought many 3 packs of them and they were all that way. To put enough co2 in my tank I had to get my bubble count up to almost 4 bubbles per second so the little cylinder wouldn't last much more than a week. I finally decided to get a larger tank with a new regulator and I'm sure it will pay for itself in time.