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Discussion in 'Filters and Filtration' started by TigerBarb313, Nov 27, 2012.

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    I was looking at the fluval c2 filter, and was wondering if they work good. I was also wondering if they were very quiet.
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    I have had the Fluval C4 for nearly 8 weeks and it runs very quiet. Just keep the tank topped up as per with any HOB filter. This line of filters is made by Hagen and I like them over the Aquaclears.

    I prefer this line over Hagens Aquaclears for there adaptable media containers. You can put whatever you want in them. I removed the large Carbon bag out of the one container and added two bags of Aquaclears bio cylinders. I like the way the media containers are layed out in the box as well.

    The only drawback I can see with this line is that they didn't make one bigger than the C4 as it is only good for 40 to 70 Gallon tanks with a flow rate of only 289 gallons per hour. :;saber This is why I added another smaller filter to augment this one on my 46 Gallon Bow Front.

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    ya they are very good 5 stage filtration for 30 dollers
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    Good to go with an ac 50 for a 37g
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    Does this one self-prime?

    Right now I'm using a Aqueon HOB but would like a filter that has more media options. I've looked at the Aquaclears but don't like that they have to be manually primed.

    If the c2 self primes I will be buying it in a heartbeat.
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    all my aquaclears self prime
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    You have to pour water into the filter, but after that they're good to go.
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    Do you have to refill it if you turn the filter off for water changes etc? Or can you just plug it back in after cleaning without another refill jump start?
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    That's funny because all of my aqua clears are not self priming. If you have to manually pour water into the filter housing, then it's not self priming. Simply restarting after a power outage is also not self priming, especially because aqua clears have a tendency not to restart if the water level is too low - they backwards siphon the water out and will not restart.