fluval c-series power filter for 36G Question

  1. MJDuti

    MJDuti Well Known Member Member

    I would love a canister but with the setup I'm looking to have this power filter seems to be the better option. I have heard nothing but good things too and know some of you guys use/have used them. I was wondering if the C-4 model would be overkill for my 36G. I figured if I numb the flow rate down it can still turn over my tank 4x/hr+. I will also use a small Hydro-Pro sponge (II model) for a prefilter on my intake.

    The plan is to change the filtration around a little though. I could keep their sponges but might want to use mine instead. It was going to be similar to my setup anyways: porous sponge to trap large debris, followed by dense sponge to trap small debris. Then I was looking to swop out their carbon bag and put a bag full of Seachem Matrix in the "chemical" chamber. Then in the biological trickle chamber I would just stuff it with more possibly (maybe keep the c-nodes even) and put a dense sponge of sorts before the output. I would like to try the 100ml bag of Purigen too. Where would you suggest me putting this? Could I fit it in the chamber with the Matrix?
  2. Phishphin

    Phishphin Well Known Member Member

    I suppose it could go in the same chamber as the matrix with maybe the matrix getting hit first?

    Either way, the filter definitely looks awesome!
  3. Msradell

    Msradell New Member Member

    That's basically the setup I'm using in my 29 gallon tank and it works very well. I have a bag of Purigen and a bag of SeaGel in the chemical chamber. I didn't slow down the flow rate at all and really am not having any problems.
  4. P

    Paul1792 Valued Member Member

    Same here. I have a C4 on my 29 gallon and two C3's on my 38 gallon. I too use Purigen in the chemical chamber. I use custom cut to fit filter media and polishing pads in the mechanical chamber and my water is so crystal clear and polished it looks like I am running a canister filter and a UV sterilizer.l

    My HOB filtration photobucket link shows my use of custom media: