Fluval Bug Bites

Discussion in 'Fish Food' started by RachelNoel, Apr 12, 2018.

  1. RachelNoelValued MemberMember

  2. BriggsWell Known MemberMember

    They actually make a bug bites for bettas now. Betta fish are pretty much straight carnivores, so I'd avoid most community foods because they tend to be more of an omnivore diet.

  3. RachelNoelValued MemberMember

    Well, that makes things easier. Would you say that their betta pellets are good? I intend on mainly feeling NLS betta pellets as a staple. And at least one other pellet. I will also be feeding daphnia, mysis, and bloodworms.
  4. BriggsWell Known MemberMember

    I'm afraid I haven't had a chance to try it, but the ingredients look good. NLS and Omega One are my go-to for betta pellets, but next time I spot the bug bites I plan on trying them out. It looks like you have a nice varied diet mapped out!
  5. RachelNoelValued MemberMember

    Thanks, I hope so. I noticed whenever people post about their bettas mysteriously falling ill despite 'perfect water parameters' they never really list what they are feeding the betta. So I believe that poor nutrition may play a strong hand in the sudden poor health.
  6. bitseriouslyWell Known MemberMember

    I recently got my first betta, and since I love the community and bottom feeder bug bites for my other fish/tanks, I got their betta food. It's the only think I've fed him, but I can't say I love it. I though that most betta pellets float, and these sink, albeit slowly. Also most sources I heard from when buying said to feed 1-2 pellets per day, but these pellets are so small, I can't imagine that would come close to being enough, like orders of magnitude too little. The bottle has a snap lid with a tiny dropper style opening, and I give 2 shakes at feeding time. There are also a couple of shrimps in the tanks, so a) they also need food and b) they will clean up any (moderate) extra.
    I have a fairly tall tank for a betta, so maybe it's a good thing that he has to chase the sinking pellets up and down, and forage for them after. Ie maybe the exercise is good for him.
    But I'm going to get a more traditional betta pellet and see how that works.
  7. RachelNoelValued MemberMember

    I see. I was leaning more towards Northfin betta bits more. It's just a bit expensive.
  8. GrayGray4231Well Known MemberMember

  9. RachelNoelValued MemberMember

    I'm honestly not a huge fan of Tetra's ingredients.

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