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Discussion in 'Freshwater Beginners' started by dartzy, Aug 1, 2017.

  1. dartzyValued MemberMember

    Has anyone ever used this product? I'm having an issue with ammonia on my 3 month old tank. Ammonia stays around O.25. This tank was cycled but I am a newbie to fish keeping And I did the over feeding thing. I have vacuumed, vacuumed and have done water changes upon water changes. I just can't seem to get it under control. I thought I'd would try this product before I have to majorly rip the tank apart ( remove animals, wash gravel, etc.) My tank Is a 20h with 9 tetras (5 glow and 4 white skirts), 3 ghost shrimp and two tiger nerites.

    I'm concerned how it will effect the inverts. I tried contacting via email my question to Fluval but no answer yet. 2d659be7253af649cec87e0297d194da.jpg
  2. tommywantfishyWell Known MemberMember

    I would hold off. I know a lot of folks that the api always shows .25 even in well-cyled tanks. What are your nitrites, nitrates? What are your fish acting like?
  3. purslanegardenWell Known MemberMember

    How to reduce ammonia? Well, have less stock and feed less. Since you can't change the stock, then you could feed less, which by your own admission, there was some overfeeding for a while.

    The other thing is to verify your tap water. If may have had 0 ammonia before, but now it might be 0.25.

    At the same time as saying all of that, having 0.25 isn't horrible and some people and their fish just live with that reading.

    The other thing I could think of is that maybe your filter is saturated with BB and more space isn't available for them to grow and consume the extra 0.25 ppm. What filter and filter media are you using?
  4. dartzyValued MemberMember

    Nitrates are 3.0, Nitrites are 0. My PH is 7.6. The fish seem fine. Active, hungry, nippy...being tetras. I do have one that I'm keeping an eye on. He has one red gill and had stopped eating but has now started to search for food the last few days. May qt him...

    When I started the tank, my water ammonia was 0 but I haven't tested it again. I will today.

    Far as the filter, it came with the tank. It's a Top Fin 20 HOB. That's all I know. I had known that I would need to upgrade to another when I wanted to add more fish but maybe I need to do it earlier. Had questioned that idea myself. I plan to get either the Aquaclear 50 or the aquaclear 70. Budget will decide...

    FYI. I haven't heard back from Fluval as or yet.

    This is the fish I'm worried about. Really red gill on one side. He looked better yesterday but he his shoaling and not hiding today. Will do 25% water change. That always helps.

    Does it look like something different than ammonia poisoning? 6e1eccd7fdbb88ecd87f72401a6ba3db.jpgf295f45595e12bc68fd7b849b629a133.jpg7d938e9ac3bd8747682cf2049924ce60.jpg693a7bc63ca1e7f839eb6107851ed2e7.jpg556c7771ff4869124b4803c56eb21fd1.jpg
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  5. dartzyValued MemberMember

    Just checked water from tap. No changes from test weeks ago.

    PH. 7.2
    NI. 0
    NA. 0
    AM. 0
    Clorine. 0
    KH. 130
    GH. 300

    So..back to square one.

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