Fluval 406 Not Working

  1. ChaseAce

    ChaseAce Valued Member Member

    I went to clean my filter today and when I reconnected the hoses it didn't fill with water. Tried the primer and that didn't work either. I went against what the instructions said and filled it with water to see if that would work but the filter only worked for about a minute before it stopped but the pump kept going. I think that created some pressure in the filter because the seal broke and spilled water everywhere. I'm currently trying to drain the tank enough to move it to get at the water underneath the stand but I'm worried that I won't be able to have a working filter when I go to fill my tank back up. I've tried cleaning everything out already but that hasn't worked. Any ideas of how to get it started?
  2. UnderwaterGalaxy

    UnderwaterGalaxy Valued Member Member

    Try filling the intake hose with water then try priming it.
  3. R

    Ralph Quaquarucci New Member Member

    the same thing happen to me this weekend just need to clean the hoses like you.so how did things work out also we are like twins same bad fulval got it last year from pa and about the same age