75 Gallon Tank Fluval 404 how often need to clean?


Oh Boy, what a stinky, slimy concoction was in that filter today when we cleaned it!! This is the first time it has been cleaned and my tank is about 5 months old. I think every three months would probably be better???
I always had ammonia 0%, pH 7.2 ish, 0% nitrites and 0% nitrates. I am concerned that I left it too long?? Also, any precautions when changing and cleaning a filter system like the Fluval 404? I did a 20% water change with vacuum and added AmQuel + to the water, 5ml per 10 gallon. Fish are doing great.


I have a 405 in an understocked 55 gallon tank- I'm still cool after a month only.

I'm thinking every 3 months with a 404 in a 75 but if your numbers are good- you shouldn't be concerned. It sounds like your planted as well- I wouldn't worry too much especially if the fish are fine.

Some people do monthly maintenance but I think that might depend on how stocked you are.

Canisters are amazing as I'm finding as far as clean water!
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Thanks Danni, I was just wondering if I had left it too long. It is really an amazing filter and keeps the water pristine! Just wasn't prepared for the ick factor!!! (such a girl....)

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