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Most everyone has suggested that I definitely try a good substrate in my 180 gallon. I am finally willing to try out FLUORITE GRAVEL but have a few questions....

How much do I need for a 180 gallon?
Can I mix it 50/50 with my gravel?
If I mix it can it be mixed right in or does it need to be on the bottom layer?
Will it make my water cloudy / look dirty everytime I vac or re plant?

I have found FLUORITE 7 kg bags for 30 dollars. Is this the going rate or is there a cheaper place out there?

Any other input on Black Fluorite would be a big help. I know it sounds kind of stupid but this is a big change from the norm for me so looking for any suggestions or advice.



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I have Fluorite in my high tech tank. It was horrible to prewash! The more you disturb (aka rub) the pieces together the more dust you create. Even with 4 or 5 washings, my tank water was horrible. Took about a week of daily water changes to clear up my tank.

This product as well as other products for planted tanks are usually over priced, especially considering that their benefits only last about 6 months. And then they become standard gravel for the most part.

As far as how much, the general rule is a pound/0.5kg of gravel per gallon/4ltr. This usually will give you about a 2 inch/5cm depth.

Have fun setting up your new tank.

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I mixed it 50/50 (no top or bottom layer) with my gravel and have had decent results. It does not cloud up my water when I vacuum or move things around, but like Catsma said you really need to wash it extremely well before adding it to your tank.

As far as it being worth its price, it's definitely helpful but not necessary. If you're gonna be planting heavy root feeders you will want to use root tabs which will carry a lot of the same benefits as fluorite. This makes the necessity of fluorite somewhat questionable. I'd disagree about it losing effectiveness though, it's not an enriched substrate but rather substrate composed of a clay mixture rich in micronutrients.

I believe I paid $20/bag for my fluorite, it certainly can't hurt to shop around

-Bass master
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