Fluorescent Vs. Incandescent

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by Isabella, Oct 29, 2005.

  1. Isabella

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    I have a question regarding aquarium lightbulbs. I read constantly that there are two types of lighting - fluorescent and incandescent. I am wondering which one is fluorescent and which one is incandescent. What is the difference between them? Is one somehow better than the other? Do these two serve different purposes? I currently have a Hagen's Sun-Glo 20W lightbulb. Is it fluorescent or incancescent? Before, I had a lightbulb with a bluish light (which I hated, and changed for Sun-Glo which is a natural-looking light). What kind of light was the one I had before (the bluish one)? It was some standard light that came with my tank's hood. LOL, sorry if my questions sound silly!
  2. Janmitch22

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    I think your Sun-Glo is fluorescent and your old one was incandescent. Usually in tank kits they give you blah stuff...those lights are like the harsh lightbulbs you see around your house and house lightbulbs (generally speaking) are incandescent. Had to look on a box of GE lightbulbs for that one! I also looked here
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    Usually the only incandescent bulbs I see over fish tanks are in the 10 gal. kits from Wal-Mart. Those bulbs (As Jan explained as the ones you see around your house that you screw into the socket), use more electricity, produce more heat, and will not keep your plants green because they are not the right spectrum. I can't think of any advantage you would have using incandescent bulbs over your tank. Here is a great link on articles explaining the different types of lighting:
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    Thank you Gunnie and Janmitch22 - I found the articles really helpful! I didn't know there are that many types of aquarium lights! Now it made me re-think the type of lights I use. I have been using the bulb that came with my 30 gallon tank up until now, up until the tank setup change. And my plants actually grew under that light. Maybe they don't look as beautiful as the plants from professional planted tanks, but they're still alive and green. I hope the new Sun-Glow bulb will also keep them alive! But I will definitely look around for more lights and experiment with them :)
  5. OP

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    I checked my Sun-Glow lightbulb again. It says it is fluorescent (but in a very fine print so no wonder I didn't see it before) and it says it is full sun spectrum. I suppose that is good! :)
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    Yes thats good ;) The type of plants you have determine how much and what kind of lights you use. For the plants you have in your tank that is a good bulb.