Fluffy stuff on bottom of NEW tank HELP PLEASE.

Discussion in 'Freshwater Beginners' started by mrs.carter, Dec 6, 2012.

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    I just started up my hospital/quarantine tank. I have a yellow lab who is holding and currently have her in a breeder net to keep her safe until we have the tank set up.

    It's a 20 gallon tank, just set it up today. No rocks,plants,gravel etc. Bare except for the Marina bottom filter (as seen in picture). And a small pantyhose with gravel from our main tank to keep the marina bottom filter from floating attached to it. Have a heater and thermometer as well.

    Added our normal API water conditioner when we added the water and then added tetra safe start (as recommended by the local pet store fish guy). Noticed after about 20 mins of it running that there were cloudy/fluffy type things floating around the bottom. (NOTE: There are NO fish in the tank, just set it up today). So I siphoned it out and then added some water to replace what I siphoned. It's been about 2-3 hours and it's started to collect again on the bottom. Wondering what this is? Pictures attached.

    I want to add my holding female as of tomorrow if possible so she doesn't continue to be stuck in the breeding net. I was told I could add her as soon as I used the tetra starter stuff but this cloudy is concerning me. Is it from the tetra safe start? The fish guy from the store said it was more concentrated then the normal beneficial bacteria I add to the tank and would cycle the tank so I could stick my female in as soon as possible.

    This is our first time dealing with fry - we didn't even know she was holding I thought she was sick lol. Anyways so needless to say we want everything to go well so they survive and mama thrives as well. Any help with this fluffy stuff is greatly appreciated!!! Thanks :)

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    Not sure what that could be, probably a residue from the safestart.

    If you don't add your fish right away, then you need to be adding some type of ammonia source so the bacteria does not "starve". Flakes of food would work good for this, or some other fish you may have that is very hardy.
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    Hello and SantaWelcome.gif to Fish Lore!

    Could the issue be detritus from your tap? I have well water and it contains a good bit of silt so I have to prefilter all of my water for water changes in another aquarium and drum. What gets filtered and what I see gather at the bottom of the tank, resembles what I see in your photos.

    Best wishes for your tank and fish! Keep us posted.

    I hope you enjoy the site.

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    From my experience using TSS five different times (on several tanks), it's TSS. It clouds the water, then settles on anything and everything in the tank. Most of it (if not all) will clear up while the tank is cycling. It does not harm the fish.

    The first time (and probably the second, as well!) I added it, I was quite concerned as well! I never lost a fish while using it tho. If you had plants (fake or real), gravel, ornaments, it would look even worse! I wish I would've taken a picture of my heavily fake planted tank. It looked AWFUL the first couple days!

    BUT, if you are planning on using it, I recommend getting another bottle. You are not supposed to take any of it out (no matter how awful it looks) for two weeks. I disrupted a couple tanks while they were on TSS and had to pour another bottle in so they could continue to cycle. (After doing a THOROUGH cleaning) The fish is supposed to be added within 2 hours of adding the TSS, and at least 24 hours after using your water conditioner, or the beneficial bacteria could die and the TSS won't work.

    Check this out: