Fluctuating Ph!!

  1. Celestialgirl Well Known Member Member

    Deleted - retested and my pH is 7.4. I panicked. lol
  2. aquatickeeper Fishlore VIP Member

    That's why you always calm down.;) At first I thought this was an emergency....
  3. Celestialgirl Well Known Member Member

    lol It was an emergency for about 5 minutes! I rarely use the regular pH test, usually just the high range as my pH does tend to fluctuate from 7.4-8.2 I tested it today and it was down to 6.4 from 7.4 yesterday! I totally panicked. Then I had a moment of intelligence and retested. lol It was 7.4. No idea what I did the first time around but I was worried for my livebearers!

    Thanks for checking in!