90 Gallon Tank Flows and Placement

hello, I'm a newbie with a 90G tank waiting to be set up on my first floor with a sump in my basement below. I'm trying to learn by reading various things on the web. It seems the more I read the more questions I have.I'll ask a few here in hopes of getting some complete answers that have reasons why. I want to use LR along with a refuge for a FOWLR. I'm trying to figure what capacity pump I'll need for this system. I understand head. What I can't seem to find is: 1) can LR go in the same compartment as the macroalgae(sp). If not what flow rate is recommended for the LR. I seem to read agreement on the fuge flow at about 10X the fuge compartment capacity. Is the fuge for the algae better to be deep or shallow and why. I'll probably use that most common algae "ball". Should water entering the fuge area be baffled so the water flows from the top down through the area or from the bottom up or doesn't it matter. Entering the top & existing the top be OK? I've read the arguments on skimmer placement. Not having any experience I can't comment, but will ask you all..... What if I take some of the water from my display tank to the skimmer & the the rest directly to my sump. The water coming from the skimmer would also go to the sump in the same location. Would I not have a "diluted" mixture of water now to flow across the fuge area. Would this not put me in the "middle" of this skimmer placement argument? Thanks for your help, Curt
Hey curt I'm a bit of newbie myself but here to offer a little help to the best of my knowledge. Yes macro algae can go in the same sump compartment as the LR, as far as the substrate depth I have seen both but can seem to find information regarding which is best for refuge. Me personally I'm goin shallow but my main concern is primarily the chaeto algae I intend on growing for my eventual tangs. I'm not sure of the refugium your lookin at but the one I am seeking has water flow in the top and out of the top so to say that its ok for that flow type. Sorry to say protein skimmers are still beyond me at this point but hope this little bit helps and good luck!


that is the sump I use. It's considered a wet dry. For a 90 gallon tank I would probably go with a 20 gallon sump. I have a 55 gallon with a 7 gallon sump so 20 seems more than efficent. I put chaeto in the open area where the uptake back to the tank is as my refugium area. You can use your protein skimmer as an overflow if you like but it may not provide enough suction to fill your sump properly. Or it may provide too much.

The water goes in through the black box which holds your filter media to grow your bacteria and into the blue bio balls. the bio balls trap fish waste and other matter in the tank that gets sucked up. it holds probably 5 inches of water in the open area and has a blue water mark so you know when there's too much or too little water in the sump. I don't have any substrate in the sump because I don't see a need with this one. You can put live rock inbetween the chaeto and the pump back to the tank to prevent it from getting sucked up. Just remember you need light down there for the chaeto to grow.
my system is a 150gal display with a 55 gal home made sump. when it comes to the sump the bigger the better same as refugium. with the return pump same applys go big even if you need to turn it down it would be nice to be able to add on later.my refugium is a 33gal tank done the same as my display and is a display with seahorses and a couple firefish. it sits beside my main and they are all running off the same pump. my flow in my main tank is run from one submersable pump run through the pvc pipe strucyure I use to hold my liverock up it is a closed loop with 8 jets all running from one pump to cut down on power consumption.it is very effective and I hope this helps you. happy reefin

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