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    I got this flowerhorn few months back. He looks fine and extremely active. From last few weeks he his growing really fast which is pretty exciting but at the same time his belly is getting very big. At the moment he is about 5 inches, extremely aggressive, eats well loves to chase fingers but I am worried about his belly. Can somebody throw some light on this.
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    The obvious reply would be to cut back on feedings & change up the food. Flowerhorns are true Frankenstein monsters.
    Breeders mix together genes from a variety of Central American & sometimes South American Cichlids. No two FH's are the same.
    IMO the big belly on your FH is a genetic predisposition.
    There is a good chance he might be a short body variety.
    If that proves true, no worries. Many FH enthusiasts actively seek out short bodies. IMO, A short body FH is a male less than eight inches and a female less than five inches.
    Here is a pic of a 4" short body female I once kept. I traded her in at my LFS for an African Cichlid. The FH was resold within hours of the trade. 
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