Flowerhorn Kamfa.

  1. nib79 Member Member

    Good Sunday to all, I present my new flowerhorn gold-red. It's little more than a hitch, we'll see it coming out. For the time being I am feeding it with very small protein pellets and chironomus frozen.

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  2. Protim Sarkar Well Known Member Member

    Nice, curious Flowerhorn.:)

  3. nib79 Member Member

    A small video meal... It's already grown in 5 days...

    Photo... 8a1220252392451e674e16f95b997f56.jpg

  4. nib79 Member Member

    A small upgrade...


  5. nib79 Member Member

    First note of kok...

  6. nib79 Member Member

    Hi everyone, today I am exactly 15 days from the arrival of my fh. What do you think?

  7. stella1979 Well Known Member Member

    I think your fh is beautiful and you are are showing what a proud fish-dad, (or mom) you are. Nothin' better
  8. nib79 Member Member

    Thank you stella, I've been trying to change your diet right away as a father ...
  9. Five 97 Well Known Member Member

    Nice fish! :)
  10. Lance0414 Well Known Member Member

    He/She is beautiful, I wish i had enough room in my house for a Flowerhorn tank.
  11. nib79 Member Member

    It should be male, although it is soon to be said but the features on the dorsal fin, typical in females, are missing so I can say that it is a male.
  12. Lance0414 Well Known Member Member

    Are you going to put any other fish in the tank with it?
  13. nib79 Member Member

    Absolutely not for the moment, we'll see later if you affixed a Red Parrot of the opposite sex to look for a reproduction.