Flourish vs. Flourish Excel

Discussion in 'Aquarium Plants' started by midthought, Apr 6, 2010.

  1. midthought

    midthought Well Known Member Member

    I hope this isn't too simple a question, but I'm trying to find out the difference between Flourish and Flourish Excel (and what's appropriate for what). The differences between the marketing text seems minor to me -- comprehensive supplement vs. liquid nutrient, etc...aren't they both liquid fertilizer for aquatic plants? It looks like Excel advises very frequent dosing though. Dosing anything every 2 days seems like overkill when I'm running a low light/low tech setup...so I'm thinking Flourish is more for me. Does that sound right? Will that take care of both macro and micro nutrients that my low demand plants need?
  2. bubblynutter

    bubblynutter Well Known Member Member

    Excel is a Co2 additive, whereas Comprehensive is a fertilizer.

    Excel also isnt compatible with certain plant variants as it 'melts' the foliage.
  3. OP

    midthought Well Known Member Member

    Oof, okay. Excel's definitely not for me then, as I thought. Gonna look into actual fertilizers then. Thanks.
  4. i

    ilikefish Valued Member Member

    Flourish comprehensive works great! I noticed a difference in under a week in my no CO2 tank and under 2 days in my CO2 tank!
  5. m

    michael68 Valued Member Member

    I use both excel and comprehensive on my plants,I also have t5 ho lighting on my tank.

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