flourish excel and bn pleco ?

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    hey everybody I have a 40 gallon breeder with some low lite plants, I have some annubis, java fern and water wistera, I have an Aquaune led light, I am dosing flourish comprehensive once a week,I my plants seem be a pretty light in color and not a dark green would getting flourish excel help? I have a couple bn plecos would excel hurt them I don't want to get into co2.I am getting some brown algae I think because my lights are in for over 12 hours a day how much should should I cut back on the lights?
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    Hi, I do not know whether Excel would hurt bn pleco, and will let someone else answer that. Actually I am also interested in knowing this for the future.

    However, I do know that 8 hours of light would be plenty - I have mine on a timer and run them for about four hours in the morning and another four hours in the evening so that the lights are on when I am home to enjoy looking at the tank.

    Brown algea or diatoms are usually not caused by too much light though. How long has your tank been up and running? It is very common for diatoms to happen in fairly new tanks, and then they disappear on their own, and are replaced by green algea in more established tank. However, if your tank is not new, brown algea is a sign of not enough light not of too much light. You would still want to cut down from 12 hours because that is a long time for lights to be on, but it might be a sign that the light bulb needs replacing, if possible with a stronger one, or maybe the light fixture needs to be cleaned to allow more light to get through. However, if the tank is newish then the light may well be adequate - brown algea are like a rite of passage for new tanks.
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    Brown algae sounds like Diatoms. How old is your setup? They go away in their own, you just need to keep the plants whipped off and have patience. :)

    Low lighting is also a contributing factor to Diatoms.

    I've used Excel with my BN with no problems. Excel is a liquid carbon source. Though not real but plants can use it. Lighting is the primary factor in keeping plants. More light the faster plants grow and more demand for CO2 and fertilizers. Are your plants growing? If so, then I wouldn't worry. If your plants are struggling then you may want to look into better lighting as LEDs are not sufficient or not all LEDs are rated for plant growth.

    Wisteria is a light green color, they don't get a dark green color.

    I run my lighting 8 hours.
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    thanks for the reply, I had a 29 gallon tank and moved everything over to the 40 gallon about a month an half ago. I just bought api leaf zone. do you that might help the plants?