Flourish and Excel

  1. Archie1208

    Archie1208 Valued Member Member

    Super tigers and blue wizards. Can I dose lightly with the above Seachem products without harm. 20 gal. Heavily planted. Just asking as a general rule. I do not want to get into CO2 at this point and have tremendous growth in 50 gal community with under dosing. Lights are 2- T5 HO 6700k and 2- T5 HO 9000. In shrimp is a single of each though I will most likely get rid of the 9000k for another 6700. Your thoughts are most appreciated. Thank you

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  2. Harlebleondora

    Harlebleondora Well Known Member Member

    Yes you can dose them both. Be sure not to overdose on the excel with the shrimp as they are very sensitive to it and could die at a high higher dose. Do not dose more than is recommended on the bottle.