Flooding in Tennessee

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Typical Tennessee spring with tornado warnings, rain, thunder and lightening.
What was really unusual is they closed two main interstates due to flooding.

Here's a short video of some of the coverage I watched live.
When the news coverage started, all the cars you see underwater at the top of the screen were stopped but not underwater.
The water rose so quickly, the cars started floating, people jumped out of their cars over the interstate barrier into the south bound lane of I-24, which hadn't been flooded yet.
Some cars and trucks were still traveling that part of the interstate. In the video, that part of the interstate is underwater also.
Scary stuff.

Please include the people effected in your prayers.
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Wow, Lucy. How awful. You stay safe.
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Oh wow! It's just one disaster after another it seems.

Stay safe and dry Lucy!

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Please stay safe!!!!
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Yikes! That's some scary stuff! Everyone in TN, please stay safe!
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We've had severe storms, tornadoes and high winds two days in a row. Yesterdays storms seemed to follow the same path as the one the days before and it's still cloudy and hot(80F) here today. Being this warm this early in the year seems to fuel severe storms in this part of the country.
We've had quite a lot of flooding also. AHHHHH spring in Arkansas. Nothing like it
Lucy stay safe and keep us posted on how you are doing.
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Thanks everone. That's all pretty north of me.
Luckily my area isn't effected as badly. The back roads are flooded, but that's kind of normal around here.

We've got some wind now, no rain at the moment.
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I hear of flash flood warnings and low water crossing...BUT MERCY! Pretty wild stuff...and fast!
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That is crazy. It gets pretty bad in MissourI but not that bad!
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Glad to hear your area is safe!
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I am right in the middle of it in West Tennessee... I live east of Jackson, and I've been stranded at my boyfriend's house here in Jackson since Friday... There are roads out, flooded neighborhoods, destroyed bridges, and sinkholes everywhere. It's insane. My friend lives in a neighborhood that is centered around several lakes... Yesterday the dams broke and all of the water drained out of the lakes and left nothing but big, empty spaces where the lakes once were... her neighborhood is basically ruined.

Edit: Attached are pictures from Jackson, TN, except the first one from Lexington, TN (where I live )


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Stay safe Taylor!
I heard it was bad out your way.
Our cable has been out all afternoon so I haven't had any news updates.
Can't be good though.
It started raining here again a few hours ago. I've got my scanner on and it sounds like a lot of roads are flooded in my area.
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Thank you Lucy. I finally made it home to find that the lake in the middle of my town has overflowed over the dam and is only a few feet away from flowing all into Lexington... It's a mess!
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My brother -in -law lives in Thompkinsville Ky and they are flooding out, one of the dams broke and water is everywhere. They saw a tornado go over but it didn't touch down. They live on a hill and the water is up to the bottom but it's still raining.
Everybody stay safe and dry.
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Wow, it's just a mess, isn't it?
I hope the rain stops soon. Even then, the run off will keep the rivers and creeks over their banks.
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Wow Iv been through that before here in Indiana in 08 its scary stuff please stay safe
A Sneaky Fatman
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It didnt get too bad out here where I am other than a bit in our basement/garage. Did have a bunch of people I know get stranded in nashville though, we only got 18" out here in dickson county
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Glad to hear you're safe Tommy.
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I am in East Tennessee and it's just hitting here tonight. A storm just ended and I here thunder again. They are saying it shouldn't be as bad here as in West Tennessee, I sure hope they are right.

Thank goodness that you all are ok. Please keep all of the people effected by this line of storms in your thoughts tonight.
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Unfortunately all of the water pipes in my town have just burst now, so no one has any water. There are people lined up everywhere buying bottled water. It's crazy. We have no idea how long it will be before this is fixed... Ugh, this whole mess just keeps going from bad to worse...
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Glad to here your area isn't effected too badly, ayelie.

Oh no Taylor! No water changes for you!
Hope they get things fixed soon.

Our cable is still out.
I called and they can't get to the equipment to fix it.
Good thing we went grocery shopping before this all started because there are so many roads closed, we're not going anywhere!
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I'm just glad my tank is finished cycling and I'm not having to do daily water changes anymore. Otherwise I'd be freaking out over my fishies!
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