Floating Plants

  1. FishRFriendz Well Known Member Member

    $4.00 USPS First Class (1-3 business days)

    Amazon Frogbit - 4 plants 3+ leaves $1
    Photo Jun 29, 7 48 44 PM.jpg

    Dwarf Water Lettuce - 4 plants 4+ leaves $1
    Photo Jul 08, 11 45 19 AM.jpg

    ceratopteris thalictroides
    ceratopteris cornuta

    Hornwort 6" stem - $.50

    Every now and then I need to trim and do one off bags of my excess plants to so keep an eye out for those for some bulk quantities of stuff.
  2. Castiel* Well Known Member Member

    Is it priced per plant or is it all sold in one bundle per plant? I'll take them all possibly.

  3. FishRFriendz Well Known Member Member

    Bundles of plants. Just enough to get started usually, since they grow fast and multiply quickly under good conditions. If you need a lot, I can do a bag rather than the ala carte pricing above.
  4. Castiel* Well Known Member Member

    Pm me a total of what you want for all the ones you listed plus shipping yo 56007

  5. njordr Member Member


    4x frogbit
    3x dwarf lettuce
  6. Keystone Member Member

    Is any of this still available?
  7. FishRFriendz Well Known Member Member

    There's always floating plants available.

  8. JLeeM Well Known Member Member

    Which of these is the easiest to maintain, and what lighting do they require?

    Looking for a really good floater for my 20 gallon long betta community tank with a Beamswork EA 80, and might take some trimmings from that for a possible future 10-15 gallon crayfish tank with a basic LED starter hood.
  9. FishRFriendz Well Known Member Member

    Personally, I like the Amazon Frogbit, reminds me of tiny lily pads. But Dwarf Water Lettuce is what most ppl order and it also seems to be the easiest to maintain. It's really great for bettas. The roots get quite long.

    If long roots are not your thing, then the Red Root Floaters are an option, they also add a nice dash of color to the tank.

    I don't think the crayfish will get much out of floating plants, though I've heard they eat plants so maybe that'd be why you want floating plants, so they can't eat em.
  10. JLeeM Well Known Member Member

    How long are the frogbit roots?
    Are their roots shorter than they look in the picture?
    Exactly. Want them more than anything to block some light for the crayfish, but don't know if they'll grow all that well under a basic LED starter hood.

    What can you tell me about hornwort? It doesn't look like it grows very thick?

  11. FishRFriendz Well Known Member Member

    Amazon Frogbit roots get as long as Dwarf Water Lettuce.

    The Red Root Floater's roots get as long as what is pictured. You don't see long AFB or DWL roots in my photos because I trim and or remove the larger plants from this tank when they get long, it's only a 5 gallon tank I use for photos/display(my large tanks are a hot mess of plants. Also I trim roots for shipping, so you don't get a complete mess when it arrives, the plants tend to drop their feathery roots when stressed.

    Hornwort floats, but isn't really great at competing with other floating plants to be at the top. It doesn't like to be anchored and if it is then the anchored part will just die off to let the rest of the plant float away. It isn't thick at first, but in a week it goes from 6 inches to about 12-18, even tho it's growing under the other floating plants. I remove about 12-18 inches of nitrates every week from the 5 gallon that gets RAOK'd along with Hornwort from other tanks about once a month ;). I only really offer it for sale in case ppl want to include it in their other plant orders.

    The nice thing about floating plants is that they're naturally close to the light source which helps if you have a low power light. So even your basic LED hood will be ok.
  12. JLeeM Well Known Member Member

    Okay. What's your preferred payment? PayPal? I'll have to make an account if si, and get back with you maybe through PM?
  13. Keystone Member Member

    Order arrived today - all good - thank you
  14. Bailey Oswald Well Known Member Member

    Interested in buying the DWL, but may take me a little time to get the money. Will these be available for long?