Floating Goldfish!

Discussion in 'Freshwater Fish Disease' started by TommyBear, Apr 8, 2017.

  1. TommyBearNew MemberMember

    I just bought two small goldfish, one oranda amd one lionhead. The oranda is perfectly fine, but the lion kept gulping air at the surface and is now just floating, at first when he was doing it he'd gulp some then float and then release it and be fine and repeat. Now he wont release any and is just floats (still alive)
    I know its not a problem with oxygen because none of the others are gulping at the surface and i have an air pump going.
    40 breeder
    0 nitrates
    0 nitrites
    0 ammonia
    And 7.2 pH
  2. NWooleyNew MemberMember

    Is this a heavily planted tank? No nitrates seems odd... my community tank has a decent amount of plants and even floating plants and my nitrates stay around 20.
  3. TommyBearNew MemberMember

    Its not heavily planted but it wasn't set up long ago.
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  4. TommyBearNew MemberMember


    Hes doing much worse, I dont think hes gonna make it through the night, hes collected a lot of air to the point he cant make it even half way down the tank and hes not releasing any of the air anymore.
  5. TommyBearNew MemberMember

    Hes still alive and has been a bit more active, but still floating and taking in air bubbles.

    My familys making me take him back to the store later if he doesnt get any better.I'd really like some help as I dont want to have to take him back.

    Anyone have any idea why he could be doing this? Or how I could get him to stop?
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  6. VioletSSValued MemberMember

    Did you cycle the tank before adding your fish? Were you doing anything to keep the ammonia/nitrites/nitrates in check? I would not get any replacement fish until you've got the cycle worked out and make sure that the other fish is healthy.
  7. TommyBearNew MemberMember

    Yes I cycled the tank. The other two fish are perfectly healthy (one has been in there for a week and is healthy.) he atually started doing it in the bag a little bit before I started acclamating him. I have been testing the water and everything seems fine.