Floating FW plants

  1. Broq15 Initiate Member


    Any suggestions for FW floating plants for moderate lighting? Any good ones out there you reccommend? :)
  2. enthusiast Member Member

    water sprite is a great plant its long dangling roots help naturally filter the water and is a safe-haven for fry

    hornwort is also another good floating plant, does a great job of creating a hiding place for any shy fish. Some fish stores sell this plant and have it planted in the tank, it is indeed a floating plant though and if you try planting it, the bottom/planted half will surely die off over time

    both are low-light and will readily, easily reproduce quickly!
  3. harpua2002 Fishlore VIP Member

  4. Toddnbecka Member Member

    I have Najas indica, hornwort, duckweed, and Amazon frogbit. The duckweed will grow (faster than you'd think possible) under just about any lighting. The hornwort and frogbit grow well enough under standard shop lights hanging a few inches above the glass covers. The Najas grows well under less light than the frogbit or hornwort needs, just has more stem between the leaves in lower light. I have Najas in a 10 gallon tank with a standard strip light that grows very well.