Floating Fern, Salvinia natans


Salvinia natans


Common Name: floating fern, floating watermoss, floating moss
Latin Name: Salvinia natans
Plant Form: floating
Max size: height 0.5-1 inch, leafs up to 1.25 inch long.
Temperature: 54 to 86F
pH: 6-8
Growth Rate: medium to very fast
Propagation: spores and divisions, spores are rare in aquarium culture.
Planting Location: floating on top
Lightning: medium to strong
Supplements: No needed but will appreciate liquid fertilizers.
Difficulty: Very Easy
Good for Beginners: Yes


Salvinia natans is a fast growing floating plant with medium to bright green leafs. It's a great plant to soak up extra nutrients in a tank. I grows so fast that it could shade the plants below it too much. The roots provide cover for fry and bubble nest builders will appreciate this plant for building their nests.
It doesn't like water current or condensation on the inside of the hood. If the leafs become wet constantly they will rot. It needs humid air to thrive.

The floating leafs have pockets filled with air. The leafs are covered with many tiny hairs that repel water with the help of wax.
If the plants are pushed under water between the stiff hairs air stays trapped and this helps the plant to float back up again.

It's found throughout the entire world, very common in Africa, Asia, South and North America and Europe.

As a pond plant they die back when it becomes too cold. Spores sink to the bottom and from these new plants will grow. When they become bigger they float towards the surface. For the aquarium hobby propagation by divisions is the way to share this plant with others.


very beautiful, perhaps I could tweak my tank a little to have these. I think my loaches will aprove =)

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