Fletch's tank

  1. fletch Member Member

    These are the first pics Ive taken underwater so sorry for the quality of some of them.
    The first pic is my sucking catfish then bumblebee goby, male dwarf gourami, demasoni, closeup of bumblebee goby and female dwarf gourami

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  2. Gunnie Well Known Member Member

    Very nice! ;)

  3. Jason Well Known Member Member

    Great Fish! I've got the exact same dwarf gourami!
    Are Bumblebee Gobies hard to look after? Ive heard they are picky eaters
  4. fletch Member Member

    Mine are fine, they grow to about 2 inches but mine are only 1". They eat all the leftovers except when i put bloodworm in there. They go for that straight away! You need to provide lots of rocks for them or they just wont be very active.

  5. onelovie Member Member

    nice pics!
  6. Craig Well Known Member Member

    brilliant pics m8!!!!!!! i hav 2 get sum goin of my own tank!!!
  7. fletch Member Member

    I tried taking them last night. You have to be realy patient tho. I got 1 good pic for every 20. play around with flash, no flash, lights on/off, different settings on your camera

  8. Jason Well Known Member Member

    Ok I want to get some Bublebee's but they're so tiny and like $5 each. Bit of a rip especially as they only sell them at like 1.5cm (.6inch)
  9. fletch Member Member

    That is a rip off!!!! I got mine for 50 pence which is about $1.10 (USD) I think GO for a private dealer mate, youll be better off that way. They are such cool little fish, I seriously recommend them
  10. Jason Well Known Member Member

    Jeeze thats pretty cheap you probably cant even buy a fish for $1 Australian except maybe a common goldfish

  11. swimfan Member Member

    great pictures fletch! looks like a nice home for your swimmers you've got there.
  12. Andreas11292 Initiate Member

  13. fletch Member Member

    If your talking about the bumblebee, I got it at a big garden centre where they specialise in loads of varieties of fish. I was told that they need salt but to be honest, I think that the whole adding salt thing is a bit ancient now. It may have aaplied when the hobby first started but all the fish you get now have been bred in freshwater and sold in freshwater
  14. Butterfly Moderator Moderator Member

    Love your tank and your fish are awesome! Did you know your Gouramis can be trained to come up into your hand and eat? Wanna see a pic? ;D
  15. fletch Member Member

    yeah, go for it butterfly. How do you train them?
  16. Butterfly Moderator Moderator Member

    I cupped my hand just slightly to start with and put shrimp pellets in it and as they got used to my hand they would come up into my almost closed hand to eat. The down side is when you're cleaning the tank they still check you out to see if you have food for them

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  17. fletch Member Member

    oh wow. I'll have to try that. Are they young or do you just have big hands? ;D
  18. Butterfly Moderator Moderator Member

    :D Nope don't have big hands :D They were young, the zoom makes my hands look big. Most fish will be very interactive with you if you take the time to play with them.
    Still think your fish are gorgeous.