Flare Pics! Tail Type?


I happened to catch Firefly flaring and got a few good shots!

I thought he was a delta tail, but maybe halfmoon? What do you all think?

And is he considered a plakat? His fins are short-ish. I always thought a plakat would be shorter? I chose him because his fins were not "overly" large. I have made a personal choice to not buy them as they don't seem to live as long or be as healthy. But I am curious as he was not labeled with a specific tail type when I got him.

Usually his head is brownish, but he gets black when he flares!


It's a plakat, some males tend to have longer fins then pthers. The tail extended just over 180 degrees, so it's considered an over halfmoon by some.
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Thank you for the answer!

I really love him, he is probably the most active betta fish I have ever had.


This plakat is a striking!


He's gorgeous, love the dark edging on his fins

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