Flame/von Rio Tetras

Discussion in 'Aquarium Stocking Questions' started by Little Tank of Happiness, Apr 19, 2017.

  1. Little Tank of HappinessWell Known MemberMember

    This is a 2 part thread.

    One, how come I never see flame tetras in stocking suggestions? I always see the usual neons and cherry barbs and cpds and rasboras but never these guys. Is there something about them that I don't know? Are they uncommon? They're in my Petsmart and I'd expect that to be the same for most people.

    Two, how many/could flame tetras go in a 20 gal with a dwarf gourami and 6 corys (species recommendation anyone)? Would the colors be too flashy for the dg or is that fine?

    Thank you :)
  2. AWheelerWell Known MemberMember

    I've wondered the same things...but I have a small selection of fish stores to go to, and that is even going out of town for fish (roughly an hour). I've gotten some orange von rio tetras before, I started with 3. One died in qt by the end of the week, no apparent causes...just looked kind of deformed. The other two were fine for after their time in the qt tank, so I put them in with my other fish, with the thought that I'd be getting more and putting them in qt for awhile as well... I got busy at work, didn't get a chance to buy more and they both ended up dying...and I don't know why/how! I just came home and they were stuck to the filter intake :(
    They were in a tank with skirt tetras and some live bearers, so I don't know if the skirts attacked them or what!

  3. GlamCrabWell Known MemberMember

    i got flame tetras! by accident.. i bought ember tetras and discovered two fish in my bag that were not embers.. decided to look up what they were with help from poeple here, turned out they were wild type flame tetras. i bought them two more friends so i have a group of 4.. i was planning to go back and get 2 more to atleast have 6.

    But now that you point it out, its true. No one reccomends flame tetras.. Wonder why?
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  4. Little Tank of HappinessWell Known MemberMember

    Forgot to include this in orginal post: when I was little (maybe 4 or 5?) my parents had some von rios and we had 5, which for them not knowing anything that's actually not bad. They said they were good but eventually they died off and left us with one who turned into a bully. I've been reading that that is possible to happen. I don't know about your story, APierce. Very interesting but also sad ;(
  5. GlamCrabWell Known MemberMember

    Talking about bully flame tetras..

    One of my 4 is actually more of a loner.. He likes to 'herd' the platy juveniles around. Chasing them abit. He even chased after the adult platy (who was annoying my apistos, he wants to mate)

    The other 3 hang out and are mostly peacefull.. Tho i noticed a mark on one and lightly nipped fins on others. (I thinK i see one of the 3 'fight' with the loner from time to time)
    they also herd the embers around. If one decides it wants to split off one of the flames go look at what its doing/usually spooks it back to the others. (They probably think they are embers. They are always with them)

    They are very interresting..
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  6. AWheelerWell Known MemberMember

    I am looking at getting a new tank soon too and wanted to get some dg's... and some cories as well (I wanted the bottom dwellers and hopefully ones that are a little bit higher in temp ranges. I was going to do some guppies with them, but maybe not. There are another kind of tetra that I don't see people recommend either that petsmart carries.
  7. tfreemaFishlore VIPMember

    I love my von rios! I have 6 + 2 more in quarantine to add for a total of 8 in my 20L.

    What kind of cories do you have? There are cooler and warmer temp varieties.
    The temperature requirement for your gourami is 72- 82 so around 76 for the DG and tetras would be optimum.
    The flame tetras need a little lower temperature than the warmer temp cory varieties. I have mine with peppered at 72 degrees.
  8. chromedome52Fishlore VIPMember

    I think the preference of Flame Tetras for cooler water is one reason they used to be very popular, but are not in these days when everyone seems to want warm tanks. Also, they are not as gaudy as many newer species (though the orange form is a brighter fish), so are not bred commercially as much as they used to be. I don't see them in stores very often these days, so availability is likely another reason they are forgotten.
  9. tfreemaFishlore VIPMember

    The petland near me always has them. I did have difficulty in getting the first batch I bought to get through quarantine. I lost a lot. Then someone suggested a longer acclimation period and lower temps and voila, no more losses. The two I just recently purchased to beef up the school of 6 are doing great and it has been about 3 weeks. Not long before they get to join the others.
  10. Anders247Fishlore LegendMember

    My petco has them, and I think they look amazing, but I never really think to suggest them in stocking suggestions. Same with things like pristella or red eye tetras, they're just ones I don't think of.

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