Flame angel

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    spano88 Initiate Member

    I am think about getting a flame angel I just had few questions and I'm wondering if u can help me r they good community fish, what are some tank mates for them, are they kinda hardy and r they a good beginner angel to start with
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    Bumping this up for you
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    Sedubius Member Member

    I have a Flame Angel. I can tell you they need a well established tank as they love to graze on the algae off the live rock. I wouldnt put one in a tank that was set up for less than 8 months or so.

    If you would like them in a community tank they should be the last ones added. I have mine with 2 clowns, a purple firefish, and a goby.

    While they can be fairly hardy flame angels suffer from what I call SADS (Sudden Angel Death Syndrome) and can die suddenly with no warning or real cause. For that reason I purchased my second one from someone who had it in a established tank for a while.