Flake food vs. live food or pellets. Question 

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I am wondering about opinions on foods for various fish. In my 20 gallon I have 2 gouramis 2 glass catfish a pink glofish 3 ghost shrimp and an african dwarf frog. The fish eat flake tropical mix food and the frog has pellets but I have noticed my fish are going after the frogs pellets even though the fish get fed first. My 2 gallon and 1.5 gallon with my male betta being in the 1.5 gallon and two betta females in the 2 gallon also get flake food but it is betta flakes they share a tank with ghost shrimp who scavenge the bottom. The bettas while conditioning get brine shrimp and bloodworms but that's the only time. Bettas I have owned in the past always ate pellets this was the first time flake food was ever suggested to me for bettas. So I'm just interested in any opinions on food. Does anyone else have a preference. My fish eat believe me they eat but just wondering if one food type may be better than another.


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All of the above. A healthy diet will include a large variety of foods. Pellets and flakes every day, live/frozen foods and vegetables every once and a while.(once or twice a week)
I feed my fish flakes every day, but every Wednesday and Sunday, I feed them a few pinches of freeze dried tubifex worms, and throw in a piece of broccoli, squash, cucumber, carrot, apple, banana, or a few peas. Basically whatever I have that's beginning to get over ripened in my kitchen.
Live foods are important for the bettas when they are being conditioned. I have never tried to breed my betta, but I have put some effort into researching because I do think it would be a cool idea to get my betta a girl friend.
Feed them live foods at least once a day. Feed twice daily, a few flakes in the morning, a few blood worms or brine shrimp before bed. That should do the trick.
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