Fl!pper Algae Scraper/cleaner Review


Product review:

The Fl!pper is the best algae scraper/cleaner ever made. I had green algae on all sides of the glass of my tank and I had let it go for so long so it was caked on so much that my Mag-Float couldn’t even scrape it off. However, the Fl!pper (the razor blade side) took care of it like a beast. My tank looks like new again and the glass and water is crystal clear. The Fl!pper is the best aquatic investment I’ve ever made. The price is a little steep and I only see paying $40 for an algae scraper as a last resort, as was the case with me. Overall, it’s a great product that works like a charm and I highly recommend it, especially for that caked on, stubborn algae that just won’t go away with those cheap, alternative algae scrapers/cleaners.


Great!! You said it cost around $40? Or was that your other one? I might it’s look into that!! Same here, my tank)with live plants) has algae like a coat of paint!!

Jack B Nimble

Crazy money not for me.

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