Fixture for 36 Gallon corner bow front?

Discussion in 'Saltwater Aquarium Lighting' started by Oryo, Dec 18, 2012.

  1. OryoNew MemberMember

    I have a 36 gallon corner tank with a bow front.. It's under 22" (19" with gravel) deep, front bow to back peak is 2' and from end to end before it bows is 36". Right now its FOWLR but plan in the future to maybe converting it to a reef tank.

    The problem I have with the tank its a corner tank so it's a triangle which makes it harder to add things on the sides or even place lights that clamp on to the end of the tank. I would need a fixture that would be 24" or less to place on top of the tank. I have been looking into lights and maybe ask here for some help.

    I found these that have great reviews on the sites that sell them and they are cheap:

    Marineland Reef Capable LED Lighting System - WITH TIMER


    I like the idea it has seperate timers for the whites and blues and you can adjust the time setting for the lights. The fixture is a good size and I can just place it over the glass canopy. I'm just worried would this be enough light for the tank? From the reviews they seem like the perfect fixture and what I am looking for.

    The other one I have been looking into:

    TaoTronics TT-AL09 Dimmable Aquarium Coral Reef LED Grow Light (120W Output, Blue/White Ratio- 28:27; Two-Year Warranty)

    I have seen several members here mention these lights and these fixtures also get great reviews everywhere they are sold. These are 3W compared to the Marineland 1W LED so I imagine these give enough light plus if they are too bright these can be dimmed. There are a couple of things with the this light fixture that would be a problem.

    A. I would need to get 2 different timers for the blue and whites which isn't a major factor.

    B. Do these lights have to be hung because I wouldn't be able to hang these????

    I have read that they have to be about 12" above the tank but also been told from several people that they don't have to be hung and can be put on top of glass?
    How far up would you recommend to be placed over the tank? I also been told as long as they are about 5" to 8" above the glass I could be ok? If this is the case they sell rubbermaid wired shelves that are on 4 legs which is the same size of the fixture that I can sit on top of this. The stand is a little over 5" high and would sit on top of glass.

    Please help!!! Ory
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  2. JessiNoel21Well Known MemberMember

    If it was me I would go with the Marineland ones they have the stand built in and the timer is a great thing to have especially with corals ;-).
  3. OryoNew MemberMember

    Thank you for the input JessiNoel21 :)

    I really like the Marineland fixture and for the price! This is the fixture that I have been looking at and wanting since day 1. It dropped in price recently which makes it even better? I'm just wondering if this will produce enough lighting that I would need because I'll be getting the 18"-24" Wide - 1305 Lumens - (18 White LEDs / 3 Blue LEDs.)
    This will be 10,000K White & 460nm Actinic Blue LED's.

    The TaoTronics TT-AL09 Dimmable Aquarium Coral Reef LED is Royal Blue: 450-470nm wavelength;
    Cool White:12,000-14,000K color temperature
    Blue- 28*3w LED; Cool White- 27*3w LED.

    I wouldn't have a problem adding a seperate timers (already have them) for each power cord and I can have it put on a Rubbermaid wired stand ($6 Home Depot) on top of the glass which would be 5" above the glass.

    Would 5" be enough space or do you really need about 12"?? The Marineland is about 2"-3" above the glass.

    I just want to make sure the Marineland would be enough for the reef or would I be better spending the extra $60+ for the other fixture.
  4. JessiNoel21Well Known MemberMember

    The Marineland is more than enough as long as you don't want high light SPS corals.
  5. OryoNew MemberMember

    Thank you so much for the info JessiNoel21!!! I figured it's a small tank and it's a corner tank so the back of tank don't need the light and I was hoping (fingers crossed) that the Marineland was good enough.. It's cheaper and I don't have to mess with it like the other one.

    Now with the extra $ I save I can get other stuff the tank needs...Ory
  6. OryoNew MemberMember

    Has anybody ever ordered LED fixture from  

    Here is the Reef LED lights:


    Here is a video comparing lights:


    I was shopping around still for lights and found this site and the light fixture looks really nice.. You can even have your LED fixture custom built to whatever you like:


    I was really impressed in what I saw on the Reef lights fixture
  7. JessiNoel21Well Known MemberMember

    I have not ordered from them but I have heard great reviews about them :).

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